About Us

AVR TRADING it is a trading company dedicated to provide to its customers the best option to trade its products, looking for the maximum value of the product with the minimum risk.

Our team has more then 20 years of experience in commodities, including operation in mining, industries and trading.

Our company is long term committed with the world development and therefore we comply with all regulations and support all the organizations that seek to improve fair trade throughout the world.

Identify the opportunity

Many years of good relationship with the biggest players and know-how of the Market, brings us always many good opportunities.
We filter the opportunities, identify their necessities, gaps and where AVR Trading can be more competitive.

Create Value

Based on the experience of our team, we always look to brind the maximum value to the business and identify the risks that can be calculated, controlled and minimized.
All the suppliers and clients involved are considered as partners of the business, creating a team in wich all the parties involved always seek to improve the business.

Sharing information

We are always looking for the sustainability of the business and long good partnership.
Because of that, for every business we create a way to control all the extension of the business and opportunities of it, sharing it always with the partner.

Look for improvements

As soon as we identify that the business is going well, it is solid and that we have the opportunity to increase it, we make moves to act more agressively on that, fixing long terms contract and big volumes.